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HIEMS Body Slimming

Treatment Details


Experience a fat reducing, muscle toning procedure like no other. Essence of Aesthetics utilises the most advanced HIEMS Max machine to give you the trim, toned appearance you have always wanted.

The HIEMS Max machine machine allows us to achieve optimum fat reduction and body contouring.

HIEMS Max machine is carried out by one of our highly experienced treatment  and is FDA approved for full confidence in safety through testing. Patients will receive:

  • A 30-minute treatment

  • Up to 25% fat reduction

  • Approximately 25% muscle increase

  • 2 in 1 application – The use of the only patented radiofrequency, high-intensity magnetic fields combined in a single applicator (RF & HIFEEM+)

This procedure will boost your metabolism, reduce fat cells, is completely non-invasive, and has zero recovery time. Expect qick results with the HIEMS Max machine.

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