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Power Plate

Power Plate is both safe and effective to use. As we get older, many illnesses and health complications may arise. The great thing about vibration training is it can help by bringing about one of more of these health benefits. So it’s not surprising vibration training is now being taken seriously by healthcare professionals and used in a medical context, as well as in gyms across the world.

Proven Benefits of Power Plate

Power Plates continues to lead the way in advanced whole body vibration training because of our focus on getting it right. The benefits of Power Plate have been recognised by the medical profession and studies have shown an abundance of health benefits can be gained including:

  • Improved muscle strength and power

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion

  • Reduced pain and soreness with faster recovery

  • Reduced appearance of cellulite

  • Increased bone mineral density and prevention of bone mineral density loss 

  • Improved circulation, cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory functions

  • Improved balance, mobility and strength among the elderly and inactive population

  • Reduced Visceral Adipose Tissue among overweight and obese patients

  • Decreased body fat and increased lean muscle tissue in postmenopausal women

  • Improved walking function in those with spinal cord injury

  • Reduced pain and fatigue in people with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.     

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