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Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is a painless procedure used for body fat reduction and body sculpting. It has become immensely popular  in the  world  of cosmetic enhancements.

The procedure of non invasive laser lipolysis involves the use of dual wavelength low energy laser lipolysis machine. These low energy laser rays are meticulously directed at  the globular fatty cells of  the  treatment  area  making the membrane cells lose their permeability. The loss of permeability results in the flowing out of triglycerides into the interstitial space where they are gradually used up in the normal metabolic functions of the body. Therefore this procedure results in no harmful physiological side effects.

It is completely safe, results are immediate, no down time involved, no fasting is required prior to surgery, painless, gives natural

and long lasting results, and involves no consumables or disposables. 


How laser lipolysis works

The low intensity laser rays make the membranes of the fatty cells permeable or “porous” resulting in the fatty triglycerides exiting the cells as fatty acids and glycerol. This is then used up in the normal metabolic functions of the body releasing energy as required by the body. Apart from stimulating the fat cells to release their stored fat in the above manner, the laser beams do not affect the surrounding tissues, nerves or structures of the treatment area.

What is to be done after the treatment

A rigorous cardio work out is essential after the treatment in order to burn out the released fatty acids effectively. Aerobic exercises such as running, , swimming, biking, skipping, and any other rigorous activity that makes breathing rapid are recommended.

Laser lipolysis enhances the fat burning effect of normal exercises. It usually takes between 20 to 25 minutes before fat starts to burn in fat accumulation places such as belly, love handles, bingo wings or muffin tops. As laser lipolysis releases fat from fat cells for metabolism they will be more rapidly and effectively burnt if an exercise session is done after the procedure. Hence, the effectiveness of normal exercise sessions are greatly enhanced by a prior laser lipolysis session.

LAser Main3.jpeg

The Expected results

Clinical studies have shown that as much as much as 2 to 3 dress size reduction can be expected in the treatment area with the right combination of laser lipolysis treatment, cardio vascular exercises and right diet. Reductions as much as 30% have been observed in the treatment areas immediately after a single treatment.

Number of treatments required

Between 8-12 treatments are recommended for a single area of the body depending on the physical condition of the person undergoing treatment.


There is no special aftercare following laser lipolysis. You can resume normal activities right away. It is however recommended that you drink plenty of water and where possible adhere to a healthy diet to maintain desired results.​

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