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Pressure Therapy

Non-invasive beauty treatments are a great way to enhance our appearance, with specific treatments for certain problem areas which can make us look better and feel more confident. If your aim is to reduce cellulite and be much healthier, then pressure therapy is an excellent treatment 

Pressure therapy is a technique that involves a professional massage in order to improve circulation and get various benefits. This treatment is not done by hand, instead your limbs or areas such as the abdomen or buttocks are treated by putting on a special presuretherapy suit which is attached to a presotherapy machine. The pressure suit surrounds the target part of body and it will apply pressure movements onto the areas to be treated. One of the most important benefits of pressure therapy is to boost circulation in order to promote the elimination of toxins and reduce problems such as fatigue and heaviness in the limbs or varicose veins. It is also  great for cellulite and detox 


Pressuretherapy helps to reduce cellulite through pressure massage and helps to improve the appearance of orange peel. At the same time it is a good complement to tone up our muscles and joints, which will be further enhanced with regular exercises


It helps to relax our muscles relieving spasms, pain and trauma. At the same time pressure therapy is good to fight muscle fatigue, so it is a treatment also used by professional athletes. When applied on the abdominal area, apart from improving muscle tone, the movements also promote intestinal transit, helping to fight constipation problems.

Pressure therapy is a great treatment for weight loss and to help us feel much healthier, lighter and full of energy.

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