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Inch Loss Body Wrap

What is Inch Loss Rejuvenating Body Wrap?

The Inch Loss Rejuvenating Body Wrap is an instant method of losing body fat. This body wrap induces the reduction of the fat stored under the skin, stimulates the burning of fat, enhances the blood circulation and stimulates the circulation in the lymphatic circulatory system. It also enhances the tone of the skin and firms it.

What are the ingredients in the Inch Loss Rejuvenating Body Wrap?

The Inch Loss Rejuvenating Body Wrap is made of the rich extracts of various medicinally important herbs and fruits like mint, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, juniper berry, horsetail, orange, lemon and rosemary. It is suitable for most skin types.

What are the results?

Right after the treatment, the treated area may appear flushed due to the heat generated by the ingredients in the body wrap. But, this will last only for a short time. The treatment reduces the prominence of the patches left by cellulite, enhances the tone of the skin and hardens it. It improves the blood and lymphatic circulation in the skin and promotes metabolism. After just one treatment a significant reduction in the measurements of  the  treated area are noticed.  More treatments improve the results.

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What areas of the body can be treated?

The areas of the body that can be treated are upper arms, stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks. Sessions usually last for approximately 45 minutes but can vary.

How many sessions should I have?

The general recommendation is to have 4 to 8 sessions twice a week. However, the number  and  the  frequency of treatment  will  depend on individual circumstances.

What should I do between my sessions?

Keeping to a healthy diet, drinking plenty of fluid, and exercising regularly between sessions will be of much benefit to you.  Exercise will also improve overall results.

What is the aftercare?

Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins after the wrap. Refrain from drinking alcohol for up to 24 hours after the treatment to maximize the detox in your system. After this a normal healthy diet can be resumed.

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